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How to Sync text and files over WiFi online

So you want to sync files wirelessly? Don't you wish there was a way you could copy that photo you just took from your phone to your computer, without having to pull out a wire, or email it to yourself? Or maybe that document you need to copy to another computer before you could print it? Sure, it's possible to get files from one computer to another via a USB drive, or emailing it to yourself. However, that takes so much time. Why take like two minutes on a task that should take seconds?

Simple.Savr allows you to sync file or text across all your devices without any software or application. In other words, you can sync files and text over WiFi without installing a thing! Instead of emailing yourself a file just to get it to another device, just use Simple.Savr. It's extremely simple. Simple.Savr allows you to copy and sync text between multiple computers.

Getting Started

Syncing Text

Now that you know that we allow you to sync files and text over WiFi, how do you actually sync files and text via WiFi? Well, like the name says, it's actually really simple. Go to our homepage and you should see a huge lovely textbox. Go ahead and type anything there. Now, go to another computer on the same WiFi network and visit this site. You should see the text you just typed in there. Isn't that cool? You just synced text without doing anything! You did not have to memorize those long URL's that you normally had to if you created a paste online, you did not have to email anything to anyone, you did not have to copy anything to any device, and most importantly, you did not have to invest any time doing what you just did.

Syncing Files

Syncing text was pretty easy. Now let's move on to syncing files. How would we sync files wirelessly? Well, go to our homepage and you should see an upload button (or an upload icon if you're on mobile). Just click that button and drag and drop any files you want to sync across your devices under the same WiFi network. Or if you wish, click the "drag and drop" text to manually choose files to upload.

Once you have chosen files you want to upload, it should upload automatically. You can now go on any of your devices (again, devices that are on the same WiFi network) and visit this site. Go to our homepage and click on the download button (or the download icon if you're on mobile) and you can download all your uploaded files from there. You have the option to delete the files you uploaded as well. Please note: The max file size is displayed at the top of the upload screen.

Files aren't syncing on my devices. What do I do?

Oh no, so files aren't syncing? That means that text aren't syncing also. Which means that your IP address is different. Click here to find out your IP address. Check on all your devices you wish to use Simple.Savr with to ensure that the IP address is the same on all your devices. If the IP address is the same, everything should work again. If the IP's aren't the same, that's not a problem! You can read our tutorial on how to make Simple.Savr work on multiple WiFi networks (or multiple IP addresses). Here it is: Sync text & files across your WiFi network with multiple IP's.

There you go! A little note: We have ads enabled. If you don't like ads, you can disable them in settings. You now have a new lifehack! If you like Simple.Savr, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!