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  • Sync text & files across your WiFi network with multiple IPs

    Simple.Savr allows you to sync your text and files across all your devices that are under the same WiFi network (assuming the IP address is the same). However, if the IP address is different on any of your devices, you won't be able to see your savr and uploaded files on your device with the different IP. This is where we make things a...

  • How to Sync text and files over WiFi online

    So you want to sync files wirelessly? Don't you wish there was a way you could copy that photo you just took from your phone to your computer, without having to pull out a wire, or email it to yourself? Or maybe that document you need to copy to another computer before you could print it? Sure, it's possible to get files from one compute...

  • How to easily Sync files between computers and phones without download

    Syncing files from one computer to another under the same WIFI network is very simple. Visit Simple.Savr from any computer you wish to sync files or text from Upload your files you wish to sync or paste any text in the textarea provided. Once you are done, visit

  • Security Update

    Updated June 15, 5:00PM EST We recently discovered that there were many unencrypted savrs due to no custom encryption key being set. As a result, Simple.Savr underwent an emergency system update to encrypt all unencrypted texts. Simple.Savr was down for approximately 20 minutes during this fix. We apologize fo...