Our Mission

When we first launched Simple.Savr, the idea was very simple: providing a simple way to sync text across your devices. Soon after, we offered many great features such as file-syncing, complete encryption of your data and a file management system.

We have been offering this at no cost. To stay online, we run ads. However, we do not force ads on you nor will we ever by giving you the option to disable them as we understand how annoying they can truly be.

Now, the idea is still the same. At its core, we are a service that helps you sync your files and text effortlessly. However, our beliefs, values and the primary mission have significantly changed.

Chances are, as you use our service, you have a roof over your head, and a device to browse the internet with. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who do not even have access to clean water, let alone computers and the internet.

We are actively involved in sharing the value you give us to the unfortunate ones. With the help of UNICEF, we have contributed to a cause together. Over 40% of our ad revenue is given back as a way of helping ones in need.

Our Goal

Our mission is simple – help provide clean drinking water to every individual on earth. Now, the mission may sound impossible as there are over 844 million people who do not have access to safe drinking water. Moreover, a child dies every 90 seconds due to a water-related disease.

However, big changes require small steps. As a small company, we can only do so much. The most we can do is inform you about our mission and hope you can help us and thousands of others involved in this huge leap towards having accessible and safe drinking water.

We understand that this may never be possible in our lifetime. However, if we all do something about it, we could have a place where everyone has access to clean drinking water faster.

How You Can Help

There are many ways to help. While we do not accept any donations or money directly to support this cause, you can help out by contributing directly to charities that have the resources to help make a difference.

To begin, take a look at these charities that are involved in ensuring everyone has the right to safe drinking water.

If you donate, please let us know and we will personally thank you for your contribution by giving you a small gift! If you are unable to donate, you can contribute by telling your friends about Simple.Savr as we donate 40% of all our ad review towards UNICEF to help keep our mission alive.