Simply Works.

With Simple.Savr, all you have to do is copy & paste your text into
 Simple.Savr, or upload files, and visit Simple.Savr from any device that is under the same WiFi network.

No more emailing yourself a file to get it to another device
No more memorizing that long URL to open it on another computer
No more copying that file using a USB just to get that text or file
 over to another device.

After uploading files or saving your savr from one device, your data will be waiting for you from all your devices.

Simple.Savr – sync files using IP

Works on All Platforms

Simple.Savr works on all platforms. Our responsive design makes everything clean and very simple.

Password Protection

You can protect your savr using a password. This way, if someone else get's on your WiFi network, they can't see your savr, uploaded files and settings.

100% Encrypted

Even we can't see what you have typed. That's how secure your savr is. Your savr is encrypted using your IP and an encryption text that is randomly generated which you can override by providing your own.

Upload Files

You can now upload and sync files automatically across all your devices. No more emailing that document to your other computer just to print it.

Link Multiple IPs

Do the computers on your network have two different IPs? Not a problem, just add tha IP address from settings and active it from a device that is under the IP you just added. There you go, now you have multiple IPs synced together!

Disable Ads

We don't like ads either. No one does. Except advertisers and of course, Google. That's why we give you the option to remove them from your settings. If you disable ads, it will be disabled from all your devices.

All Features

  • Instantly Sync Text & Files

    Your savr and uploaded files are instantly available on all your devices.

  • Responsive Everywhere

    Simple.Savr works on all platforms but please don't use Internet Explorer.

  • Password Protection

    Password protect your savr so only people on your WiFi can access it.

  • Strong Encryption

    Your savr is fully encrypted and secure and is only available to you.

  • Disable Ads

    Disable ads on Simple.Savr across all your devices. We don't force ads on you.

  • File Manager System

    Upload. Download. Your personal files are deleted automatically after 7 days.

  • Add More IPs

    Add and link multiple IPs so your savr is accessible across other networks.

  • Preview Files

    Save time. Preview certain files-types (images) before you download them.

  • Debug Utility

    We make it easier for you to clean up, and debug Simple.Savr using our debug utility.

  • Customization

    We have many cool features. Customize them to make it your own.

  • Clickable URL's

    If you have any URL's in your savr, now you can click them directly.

  • Download All Files

    All uploaded files can be downloaded with a single click (in a zip format).

Simple.Savr Sync text over wifi

Why Use Simple.Savr?

The single main reason you should use Simple.Savr is for simplicity. How many times have you wanted to share a long URL with a friend but you couldn't do it fast so you had to message it to them?

Simple.Savr can help you share file and text from one computer to another really fast.
But of course, you can't make someone use something that they don't want to use. So if you find it useful, you are more than welcome to use it.

We are not a cloud-storage platform, like Google Drive or DropBox. Please do not use Simple.Savr as a backup service.

You don't have to take our word for it.

  • ...I like the simplicity and convenience of this tool.

    Kristin Wong LifeHacker
  • SSavr is the only one of these apps to encrypt data.

    Mihir Patkar Make Use Of
  • The most simple, fast, convenient and free method.

    David G. Bolanos CincoDias - SmartLife
  • I’ve never found an app or service that I liked enough to keep using.

    Fatima Wahab AddictiveTips
  • Simple Savr is the browser tool for everyone who wants to quickly copy text from computer to smart-phone.

    Sebastian Meineck Spiegel Online
  • Nothing else is as easy and as simple to use as Simple.Savr.

    Fco. José Hidalgo wwwhat's new

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